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Alicia Keys Love for Sacred Rose Water'

Sacred Rose Water was recently garnering a lot of attention as many have seen on Vogue's Youtube special with Alicia Keys.  She is a true fan of Sacred Rose Water, as are we true fans of her music.  Alicia Keys and her music are out of this world and exceptional.  We personally love her tiny desk concert which You can find on Youtube or on her Instagram @aliciakeys.  We feel Alicia is so lovable and likable because of her sincerity of Spirit and You can see that she truly does cherish herself and honors this precious life that we all have.  We are sooo grateful and humbled to have her as a fan.

Alicia Keys could have any Rose Water she chooses, so why Sacred Rose Water?   

Humbly speaking, we believe we have the greatest rose oil in the World.  We are fortunate to be entrusted with this special Rose oil, coming from the holy region of India known for being Krishna's birthplace, Vrindavan.  Sacred Rose is only made with this specific oil along with distilled water.  Perhaps there is something especially holy about the roses coming from this region.  Perhaps they have an intoxicating smell unlike any other.  When You smell Sacred Rose Water for Yourself perhaps You will have tears of bliss and joy, just as I myself did after the 3rd inhalation of the oil. 

Alicia Keys is not the only one to have expressed their love for Sacred Rose Water.  Many women who have used an array of Rose Waters often say that they have used so many of them, but Sacred Rose Water is their favorite.  Marie Kondo,  is another celebrity who expressed her appreciation for Sacred Rose Water in the New York Post, as one of her favorite things.  Much of Hollywood and Instagram celebrities are our fans.  Feel free to tag Sacred Rose Water in a post and show Your Love as well, @sacredrosewater